Material chain: Surgical Steel, 18k gold plated, special sealing, no-discoloration, waterproof & hypoallergenic.
Measurements: 20MM


Jewelry care: Do not wear the jewelry in bath, in the sea or a swimming pool. (Chlorine can affect the jewelry)

Avoid contact with cleaning agents, perfume, lotions etc.


  • This new collection is very special to me, because The pieces are named after some really special people in my life. They all have their own story & are a big inspiration for Rocky Rosa!

    I dedicated these big heart earrings to my soulmate & father of my son Jean-Paul. He will not be happy if i would force him to wear them ;) but this list of special people would just not be complete without him! We met 15 years ago, became friends & later fell in love. Still to this day there is no one who could make me laugh as hard as he does. Totally gets my jokes & recycles them, but better :D I love him even more since we welcomed our little son 3 months ago & i can't imagine my life without him! For that, these big heart earrings are named after him!