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Atelier RR

It has been an adventurous journey starting our jewelry business 5 years ago. Where do you start? What will my collection include? What material to use? These are some examples of the challenges we had when we created our jewelry label. After all these years running our own jewelry brand we would like to share our knowledge, take the whole process out of your hands & let you do the fun stuff; selling the jewelry pieces! Services we include are designing, cad drawings, sampling, production, quality checks & product photography.


We have the expertise & years of experience to guide you through building your own succesfull jewelry business one step a the time. At Atelier RR we aim for high quality products and services. We love helping you to create a strong jewelry brand with beautiful designs.

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We offer a wide range of services to help you to start your own jewelry brand. We can help you through the whole process or a part of the journey. We can help you with designing your jewelry pieces or  turning your own ideas into designs. Making molds for the samples & the whole sample procedure. CAD drawings of your designs. The whole jewelry production & product photography.

It is possible to create your own designs or let us help you design the jewelry pieces you need for your jewelry line. We can design your ideas from scratch our build upon your current ideas/designs. If you  already have your own designs, we can start from rough hand sketches to technical designs.


Together we can make your designs into molds. And then start the sampling procedure for the physical samples. After your approval we can start the jewelry production.


The jewelry pieces can be engraved with your text or logo. Or small tags can be attached to the pieces.

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Meeting you.

If you have a dream, a rough sketch or a technical drawing. We can help you with every part of the process.

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After the approval of the samples we start the production fase.

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Making designs.

We can help you with designing your jewelry pieces or turning your own ideas into designs.

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Order completion.

This is the final stage before you receive your collection. We will do a quality check & sent them to you.

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CAD drawings.

In this stage we will make the CAD drawings, in order to make the production of the samples possible.


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We also offer product photography of your collection in every style or set up you wish.

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Once the design stage is done we move to the making part. We order the samples and love to hear if the samples meet your expectations.

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We will keep in touch about your sales so we can make the decision when it's time to start a new production.


Each piece of jewelry is handmade and all materials are handpicked & have a high quality check. We offer a wide range of materials to create your jewelry pieces. From stainless steel to rose gold. All our platings can be applied to the different base materials that we offer. Depending on your price point, we can plate your jewelry up to 3 microns.

Our products are either hand carved or CNC milled to create that exquisite shapes and details. Every piece is polished even at the tiniest corner to ensure the perfect shine and finish. 

There are a lot of options we offer to create your own jewelry pieces.

We offer lots of base materials & platings to choose from. For the base materials we offer: stainless steel, silver and brass. All our platings can be applied to the different base materials that we offer. Depending on your price point, we can plate from 0.125 micron (5 mils or also called flash plating) and up to 3 microns (120 mils). All our pieces are e-coated for anti-tarnish purpose. We can offer 14K or 18K gold, rose gold, Rhodium and Vermeil. We also work with all sorts of precious and semi-precious gemstones in varies cuttings, shapes and sizes.


We can advice you how best to combine the different combinations. 


Please contact us if you are interested to schedule a free call to hear more about the possibilities.

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